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Every event from small to big should be able to create an event app.

Event visitor portal. Create the best visitor experience.

Used by organizers, venues and festivals around the globe.

Your event app —
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Configure your event app with ease to connect with your visitors. Affordable and in hours not weeks.

All your visitors need is an browser. Nobody wants to install an app for your event.
No code knowledge
You don't need an developer. Our event app creator is simple enough for everyone.
Customize it so it looks and feels like your event brand.
Offline usage Coming Soon
Works offline in low connection places & safes traffic.
Test it on your phone

We help at
every event stage

Creation phase
Fill your event app

Setup the app and modify everything for your needs.

Pre event phase
You publish the event

Visitors can prepare their visit by viewing the timetable, lineup, event details map etc.

Live phase
You focus on the event itself

Visitors use the event app at the event to solve there problems and enjoy the visitor experience.

Post event phase
Collect valuable feedback

Visitors can submit feedback on how you can improve your next edition.


Interactive Timetable

Let your visitors know what's happening next. With a timetable, they can plan their attendance and save important acts for their schedule.

Interactive Map

Help your visitors discover the event location and remove clueless people who are walking around. Add interactive elements and information to the markers. The visitor can also check via GPS where he is on the map.

Interactive Event map builder

Feedback forms

Collect valuable feedback from your users and offer them an open ear if they don't like something. Build feedback forms, improve your event with feedback, and reduce their anger with a clear feedback channel.


Answer urgent questions right on the spot. Users get instant help, and you need less time to answer questions.


Showcase your sponsors and partners in front of the audience. Create exposure and offer packages that display them in the visitor portal.

Increase sponsor exposure


Customize the look and feel of the visitor portal so it fits the style of your event. Customize colors, timeformats, the header image, and more.

QR Codes

We have QR codes and posters ready to print for you. Simply print them and place them somehow at your event. That's an easy way for your visitor to access the visitor portal.

Team Members

You have a team with multiple people? You can add team members to your account and set roles and permissions.


Get insights on how often your portal is used and check the response to the acts. Check how often an act is saved and more.

Coming soon


Let your users connect with each other. That's how they can meet up with like-minded people, help each other out, and organize afterparties together.

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